ArtNight: Banksy

Banksy is known all over the world for his polemic stencils, his political fight through art and for protecting his privacy. There is a lot of mystery around his character, but one thing is for sure, his street art had changed a lot the perspective of what is supposed to be art or what probably we will see in fifty years on a museum’s wall.

The artist Corinna Naumann will show this night, how to create a piece of art to all the attendants. Is not necessary to have a background in art, you only need want to have fun. Also, all the materials are included, so you don’t need to bring anything. At the end of the workshop, you can bring home your own piece of art. Music, drinks, and fun are guaranteed!

This workshop is celebrated on 5th of July at Augustiner Bürgerheim. More information at ArtNight.

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