Frank Bowling: Mappa Mundi

Born in a Caribbean country may have a big impact on your personality. The bright colors you see in nature, the weather, the life outdoors… All of this are a big stimulus that makes you see the world in a different way of people from western countries.  Frank Bowling is an artist with a long career path, who was born in Guyana, a British colony near Venezuela.  He came to London at age of 19 to study painting at The Slade School, University College London and Royal College of Art. Soon, he stood out as a brilliant artist, showing the universe his abstract, expressionism, and full of colors works of art.

The Haus der Kunst organizes an exhibition of Frank Bowling with the name of Mappa Mundi, which shows his particular vision of the world.

The Mappa Mundi exhibition will be open from 21st of June of 2017 until 7th of January 2018. More information at Haus der Kunst.

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