Munich is a city plenty of creativity. Sommersalon is a place where design, music, art, poetry, and culture will coexist during the three beautiful months of summer. This temporary design store is a project of the bag’s designer Bea Bühler and the clothing brand WE.RE with the support of the competence Cultural and Creative Industries of the state capital Munich.

Every week, Sommersalon will be hosting a cultural program with Munich’s creatives. Jazz, electronic music, poetry, exhibitions, and more will take place there. Also, you can buy the best local design pieces here. O Céu‘s furniture, Saskia Díez‘s jewelry, and of course Bea Bühler‘s bags and WE.RE‘s clothing.

This hot spot will be open from 29th June to 23rd of September in Ruffinihaus. The summer is here!

More information at Sommersalon.  


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