Martin Parr: Souvenir

Travelling is not something exclusive to rich people anymore. Nowadays almost everybody can travel and visit places that several years before were only accessible for a privileged few. The low-cost companies and the free market made that possible.

Martin Parr is an exceptional photographer who shows the details of the common life with sarcasm. In the Souvenir exhibition, he shows how human beings behave while they are traveling. Some of the famous pictures the tourists made when they visit a new place are shown here from another perspective.

The exhibition shows about 200 Martin Parr’s works from these different series: Last Resort / Bored Couples / Mexico / Scotland / Luxury / Knokke le Zoute / Small world / Think of England / Dance / Autoportraits / Common Sense.

Hit the road and take home some souvenirs!

You can visit the Martin Parr’s Souvenir exhibition for free at Kunstfoyer until 28th of January 2018. More information at Kunstfoyer web

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