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How many times we had heard the expression “get out of your comfort zone”? Lately probably hundreds of times. We are experiencing times of changes and we should adapt our lives to them.

The exhibition Der Komfort-Kuppel-Complex (The Comfort Dome Complex), curated by Swantje Grundler and Thomas Mayfried explore the concept of a dome where the winners of globalization act, exposed by philosopher Slavoj Žižek who followed an idea of his colleague Peter Sloterdijk. Both of them talk about comfort in crystal palaces or safe structures, in a figurative way. The welfare state, the neoliberalism and other factors influence in this concept.

What to do? How to escape from the comfort dome? Who are we? These are some of the questions this exhibition raise through different works of art and thoughts, based on historical facts and different representations in art, films, and design. A collective exhibition to think about western culture and its lifestyle.

*The exhibition Der Komfort-Kuppel-Complex will be available to visit at the Lothringer13 Halle from 21st of February until 17th of March. The entry is free. More info at the Lothringer13 Halle website.

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