New Forms Of Beauty – Exhibition

Functionality is not at odds with good design, quality, and beauty. The artist Stefan Lenhart explores this idea joining forces with other seven artists from Munich, Vienna, and Berlin in the exhibition New Forms Of Beauty.

Can be a common object a work of art? Apparently, the answer is yes. iPod Shuffle can be worn as a piece of jewelry or Ingo Maurer’s lamps can be more than light objects. Where is the boundary between art and function? This and other questions are answered in this exhibition, exploring visual art and the new technical possibilities of the 20th century, such as digitalization. The day of the opening, on 28th of February, we will enjoy the performance Parents’ Bedroom Show / Elternschlafzimmervorstellung by Elisabeth von Samsonow.

On 6th of March at 7 pm, the event: New Forms of Beauty – Neue Formen der Gestaltung Zwischen Kunst und Funktion (New Forms of Design Between Art and Design Function) will take place with the conference: Unheimliche Dinge. Kunst und Design Zwischen Praxis und Rätsel (Creepy things, art, and design between experience and mystery) by Elisabeth von Samsonow, and an art talk with other guests from philosophy, design, and art fields. The evening will close with the live concert of Tom Wu and Anton Kaun (Visuals).

Another event that is taking place during the exhibition is an art talk taking place on 21st of March at 7 pm. It is Kunst Als Architektur Zweiter Ordnung (Art as second-order architecture) with guests from philosophy, art, and architecture sphere.

*The exhibition will be shown until the 15th of April at Maximiliansforum. More info in their website.

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