Iranisches Kulturfest Termeh

If you can’t travel to a specific country, you can always know about the place through its culture and art. What do you know about Iran? Probably not enough. It’s always fascinating learning about new ways of life and seeing what’s going on in terms of art, films, and music in other societies.

The Iranisches Kulturfest Termeh is taking place in Munich from 28th of February until 6th of March. In this festival, you can discover the cities and villages of Iran, its gastronomy, its history, its environment and much more.

A photography exhibition by Iranian artists shows the contrasts between tradition and modernity, exploring the boundaries between what is prohibited and what is allowed.

A selection of films will be shown at Gasteig and Neues Maxim Kino, most of them with the presence of the different directors. The activist, actress, and director Pegah Ahangarani will present the documentaries House Of Cinema and The Men of Jamshid Lord on Friday 2nd of March at Neues Maxim.

Tranquility in the presence of others is a film about an army colonel who has to adapt his life to the modern times and will be shown at the same cinema on Saturday 3rd of March. The same day, in the same location, we can watch another film of the same director, Naser Taghvai. We talk about Ey Iran, a film set at the end of the Shahanshah’s reign that talks about revolution.

On Sunday 4th we will watch the documentaries Flax to fire and The World She Founded, the first about the life of Aliasghar Hajibaba, an Iranian businessman with a strong work ethic, and the second one about Saideh Ghods, founder of MAHAK, an association that helps children with cancer.

On Monday 5th the films Etemad and Mirtahmasb of Rakhshan Banietemad, one of the most committed filmmakers of Iran will be shown at Gasteig with her presence.

Apart from enjoying these films and some others, we can also discover the underground Iranian music. Rock and new styles with bands like RAAM that plays punk rock sung in Persian, Bomrani Band, a mixture of rock, blues and country, Damahi Band that combines traditional elements of Iranian music with jazz, reggae, latin or funk, Hezarawaz Kurdish that plays folkloric and Persian music.

Other activities include lectures with Mahmoud Dowlatabadi, Nasser Taghvai or Hossein Mansouri; or the theater play Tiki- Taka in Gasteig. You can find all the programme at the Iranisches Kulturfest Termeh website, or on their Facebook page.

*Header image of Azadeh Akhlaghi included in the photography exhibition hosted at Gasteig. 



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