Oktoberfest all year round

We know, Munich is well-known for Oktoberfest. Every year, thousands (and millions) of people visit the Bayern capital to lost themselves in beer. The craziest festivity of the city is the place where almost everything is allowed and you don’t have to be embarrassed because everybody is as drunk as you are or even worst. Even if you don’t like beer, you can always visit the amusement park, get a typical pretzel and sausage, or just go for a walk and see the zombie’s parade.

In spite of being sometimes a trashy celebration, it’s impossible you get bored at Oktoberfest. You dance, you met new people, and you taste some of the best beers in the world. Maybe this beer festival is the most famous, but not the only one. There are others festivals to experience the Oktoberfest feeling all year round.


The Starkbierfest begin the next 2nd of March and last until the 25th of March. This festivity is, as its name says, the festival of the strong beer, so you have to be extra careful and drink in moderation if you don’t want to fall asleep on the table. The festival is celebrated in the Paulaner Brewery on the Nockherberg and there you can drink a special beer made every year for this season, the Salvator. It has 7,5 percent alcohol and 680 kcal per liter and was originally created by Frater Barnabas in order to replace a meal during the Lent.

Nowadays the reasons to drink Salvator and visit the Starkbierfest probably have nothing to do with religion. Take your Lederhosen or your Dirndl, grab some Bavarian specialties, listen to traditional music, and enjoy this tasty beer only available in March.

More info at the Starkbierfest website.


Known as the little Oktoberfest, the Frühlingfest is celebrated from 20th of April until 5th of May. The area of the Theresienwiese become again an amusement park with around hundred rides and two large beer tents. Moreover, there is a flea market and a vintage car meeting.

The Frühlingfest is also a family-friendly event, specially on Tuesdays, with discounts on the rides and on the tents. There are two big fireworks taking place the nights of 27th of April and the 4th of May, for all the spark’s lovers. And you can always have the funny things of Oktoberfest; like the traditional food like Haxe or Schweinsbraten or the traditional band playing Bavarian music creating the perfect festival atmosphere.

More info at the Frühlingfest website.

These are the main beer festivals in Munich, but you can also visit some other festivals in the vicinity like the Herbsfest in Rosenheim and the Bergkirchweih Fair in Erlangen. Prost!

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