Pop Art: I’m a believer

Pop art was born in postwar time, during the explosion of capitalism around the world. The liberation from the hard times was represented in colorful and highly ironic art. Andy Warhol was one of its maximum representatives and he played with advertising, capitalism, and consumerism converting products into pieces of art, and also adopting a critical vision that sometimes was misunderstood into superficiality.

The Lenbachhays and the KiCo Foundation present the exhibition I’m a believer, which explores the work of artists like Andy Warhol, Thomas Bayrle, Ulrike Ottinger, and Hannsjörg Voth, pioneers of Pop Art, and also Sigmar Polke’s German Pop and Stephen Shore’s photographs of North America’s suburbs, going through a contemporary vision with artists like Hans-Peter Feldmann, Isa Genzken, Judith Hopf, Daniel Man, and Pietro Sanguineti. This exhibition demonstrates that Pop Art is more than just aesthetics, showing that this kind of art was also revolutionary.

The exhibition I’m a Believer is available at Lenbachhaus until the 3rd of May 2020. More information at the Lenbachhaus web.

*Header image: Ulrike Ottinger, I’m a believer. 


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