Film festival: DOK.fest 2018

The best documentary film festival is here again. The DOK.fest is taking place again in Munich with some of the most captivating stories of our time. For example, the opening film Over the Limit, about the life of a young rhythmic gymnast.

The section All Big Cinema will be hosted at the Deutsches Theater with the most awarded documentaries of the festival.

One of the highlights of this edition is the section DOK.female, with seven films about women, challenges, roles models and power relations like Ouaga Girls about young car mechanics in Burkina Faso or A Woman Captured, about a 52-year-old Hungarian woman, who is held captive for ten years as a house slave.


In the age of fake news, it’s more important than ever the children have a good education and this is the aim of, the program addressed to children and young people. Two highlights of this program are Ahmads Haare by Susan Koenen and Hello Salaam by Kim Brand.

More than 150 international films like The Cleaners, a project to “clean” and censure content from the social networks of Manila, Genesis 2.0 about scientists searching the last living cells of a mammoth or Sooner or Later about dairy farmers who work also as funeral directors.

There are some musical documentaries for free like Matangi/ Maya / M.I.A., Where Are You Joao Gilberto? or Shut Up And Play The Piano. You can check the whole program at the DOK.fest website.

The DOK.fest München will take place in different locations around Munich from 2nd to 13th of May. More info, tickets, and program on their website.

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