Installation: Raster-Noton White Circle

Raster-Noton was founded in 1996 as a record label and nowadays has grown to become a platform and a network that covers the overlapping border areas of pop, art, and science, as themselves say.

Apart from their main music projects, they are also responsible for publications and installation works, always with an experimental approach. Productions which play with different textures, sounds, images and more.

The label celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016 with a special work of art called the Raster-Noton White Circle. This light and sound installation, which can be visited at the museum Lenbachahus – Kunstbau from 10th of May to 9th of July this year, consists of fluorescent tubes that respond to musical impulses and illuminate the room. The artists Alva NotoByetoneFrank Bretschneider, and Kangding Ray created five different multichannel compositions which are played in a continuous loop every 45 minutes. All tracks are based on the idea of creating a vivid immediate experience of auditory space and visual stimuli. The exhibition count with forty-seven speakers placed throughout the gallery to achieve a three-dimensional sound and include intense strobe effects.

*The Raster-Noton White Circle can be visited at Kunstbau (Lenbachhaus) from 10th May to 8th July. More information on Lenbachhaus website


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