Ana Pascual from Mucwalk: A new perspective of the city

Ana Pascual likes to rediscover Munich by taking beautiful and creative pictures of Munich’s corners, walls, perspectives and landscapes in, and out of the city. She publishes them into the Instagram account Mucwalk, a must-follow profile. We had the opportunity to talk with her about her favorite places in the city, architecture, and hidden gems.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m Ana, an architect from Madrid who is living in Munich for three years now. I came to Germany because of work and because I have a special relationship with this country. My grandmother was German and I went to the Deutsche Schule in Madrid, so I have a strong emotional bond with this country.

What is your favorite place in Munich?

It’s difficult to just choose one place because the city is so beautiful and have so many different corners. Its beauty captivated me from the first walk and what I like the most is to continue discovering corners which are not so monumental, and whose perception changes depending on the hour of the day or the time of the year. Also, the light of this city is amazing.

Why did you decide to begin with a project like Mucwalk?

I had always the idea of an artistic project in mind, probably it is due to my profession. It’s kind of a photo álbum about my experience in the city. I like architecture and I like photography, so I decided to bring this two ambitions together. When I came to Munich I decided that I wanted to record all the places I discovered. This Instagram account is also the perfect excuse to continue exploring the city where I live and being always surprised by new things. In the beginning, I thought about taking pictures with a regular camera, but if I did so, I would lose the spontaneity and lots of moments and the project would be about searching and not about discovery. You never know when you are going to come across with something special, so taking pictures with my phone allows me to capture the moment of what I find and crosses my path. I pretend to retouch the architectural reality that surrounds me through the edition, overlap, and juxtaposition of pictures. I use only my phone and some retouching apps.

Why just Munich and surroundings and not other places you visit?

I wanted to confine the subject and focus just on Munich and bring my particular vision of the city. I love the urban landscapes and the Münchner Umland (the Munich’s surroundings) that it’s part of Munich as Marienplatz is. I don’t pretend to take pictures of what everybody knows (the typical postcard pictures) but give my particular vision of the city.

What interests you the most about Munich’s architecture or design?

I like Munich as a whole, the whole city inspires me. I love the urbanism of the city, the different neighborhoods… Every neighborhood has its own identity, characteristics, and corners that make each one special, but at the same time, there is a big aesthetical unity in the whole city. I am interested in the evocative frames the city offers, and I reformulate them to create other unexpected images.

What is the goal of Mucwalk?

My goal is to be a Luma’s artist. No, seriously, I began this project just for fun, but I pretend this kind of photography became a new language through the recreation of certain details, views, and apparently secondary corners, therefore, unexpected. New images that can be as evocative as the reality they reflect. I want to transmit what Munich makes me feel, something that goes beyond taking pictures of the city.

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