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The Iranian cinema has a sensitivity and a particular way of explaining emotions and situations that affect the lives of every human being. A good example is the Abbas Kiarostami‘s film Taste of Cherry, a particular tale of a man who doesn’t want to live anymore.

Iran is a country known for its convulse history, and this is something that influences their art in many ways. Munich celebrates the 5th edition of Cinema Iran this year when so many anniversaries are going on. The Iranian Revolution began in 1978, the end of the Iran-Iraq war took place in 1988, and the consequences of these events continue existing nowadays.

Some of the films which portray that are Before the Revolution, Breath (Nafas) nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Foreign Language Film, or A Man of Integrity (Lerd) about corruption.

Pig (Khook) will be the opening film of this year edition. It is a black comedy that was really acclaimed at the Berlinale’s film festival this year. Other interesting films are When God is Sleeping, about the poet and underground musician Shanin Najafi, or Mou (Hair), that tells the story of three young deaf women who form part of the Iranian Karate National Team.

Apart from watching movies, you can also visit the photo exhibition Old Cinemas in Iran, and enjoy lectures like Films that Burn by Maryam Palizban, book presentations, literary readings, and also a Persian Pop-Party on the 14th of July at the Lovelace Hotel.

*The Cinema Iran Festival will take place from 11th to 15th of July in the Carl Amery Hall at Gasteig. More info at the Cinema Iran website

*Header image of the film Pig (Khook). 

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