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Torsten Mühlbach is a kind of art rebel. He wants to shake, tease, provoke and excite with his art. In the form of material images, drawings, collages, as well as sculptures and installations, he places his works of art as a reflection of the contemporary world relationships. He is influenced by a mixture of comic, pop, science-fiction and trash culture as well as art history, media and politics that surrounds him.

The exhibition Apocalypse And Other Crazy Things is about all the chaos we are living nowadays. The Mayas had said the apocalypse will arrive on 2012, but the world didn’t explode then. Instead, we have our particular apocalypse with things like fake news, aggressive capitalism, poverty, and other catastrophes. This exhibition is a way to look into these things with some humor and criticism, using techniques of street art like stencil, graffiti, etc.

The exhibition will be available until the 26th of October 2018 at gallery Filser & Gräf and the admission is free. More information at the Filser & Gräf webpage.

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