Afrikanische Filmtage 2018

If last week we talked about the Chinesisches Filmfest, this week is the turn of the Afrikanische Filmtage. The globalization is not only about having the same shops in the city center of every city around the world, but it can be also a good thing if we talk in terms of art. Nowadays we can watch films from every corner of the planet thanks to festivals like these, that other way will not arrive at our countries.

In its 8 edition, the Afrikanische Filmtage take the title “Extended” with the focus on productions that examine the desire of a future independent of the West in some African countries. That happens in the satire Bienvenue au Gondwana about the influence of colonial history on the present. The documentary Silas talks about political corruption in Liberia, Razzia pays homage to Casablanca, deconstructing the mythical image of the oriental city with five different stories, and Les Bienheureux presents two different perspectives of a couple about the future of their son in Algeria.

The festival opens with the film I am not a witch, a story of a nine-year-old girl who is accused of witchcraft and exiled in a special camp for witches. The silent movie A Hotel Called Memory explores the concept of the past and memory and the film Noem My Skollie tells the story of a gang, both of them will be screened on Sunday. One of the surprises of the festival is Rafiki, that was selected in the section A Certain Regard at Cannes, a film of the Afrofuturism artistic movement which explores a lesbian relationship in Kenya. On Saturday 13th after the screening of Rafiki, the actress Sheila Munyiva will talk about her character in the movie at Holiday Inn Munich.

The Afrikanische Filmtage will take place from 11th to 14th of October. More information about the program on their website.

*Header image: I am not a witch. 

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