Cinema International: 5. Kurdische Filmwoche

The Kurdish people is the biggest ethnic minority in Near East and have been suffering through years the fact of living in no man’s land. As you may know, their territory is divided among Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, and their history is plenty of war and convulsed times.

These facts made the Kurdish people one of a kind, and so is their cinema. It is not easy to create films and other artistic expressions under conditions of limited artistic freedom and this is why this festival is so unique.

All the films screened at the 5. Kurdische Filmwoche are in original version, the majority of them with German subtitles and some with English subtitles, like Zagros, a story of a woman who is accused of adultery and his husband who believe in her innocence. Another interesting film with German and English subtitles is Dil Leyla, a story of a young woman who became the mayor of Cizre, a Kurdish city on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Other highlights are the film Yol – The Full Version, written by Yilmaz Güney, an icon on the Kurdish film world, or the movie Zer, about Jan, a new yorker who come back to the Kurdish region of Turkey after the death of his grandmother. 

The 5. Kurdische Filmwoche is taking place from the 6th to the 10th of February at Gasteig. More information at the festival webpage.

*Header image: Dil Leyla

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