Exhibition: Christoph Niemann

You can look at the sky and see only clouds, or you can lift your head up and see animals, persons, Gods and all sort of objects. Even by taking a walk on the street you can see pieces that become faces on the subway or trees that say hello. You just need to have some imagination to deconstruct everyday images and create some new.

This is what happens to the graphic artist Christoph Niemann. His gaze goes beyond what is established and convert everyday objects in stories adding his own touch with his drawings. An open book can be a cat’s whiskers, a sock can become a dinosaur’s head, and a poppy seed can be a stubbly beard.

Playfully, Niemann creates a parallel universe, sometimes funny, but others critical and sharp, like in his iconic covers for the New Yorker magazine. He offers new visions and perspectives of what we know, arousing the curiosity of the observer.

The Literaturhaus is showing Christoph Niemann’s most famous works and narrative series, such as Photodrawings, Sunday Sketches, Abstract City, and Souvenir, as well as numerous previously unpublished works, for the first time in Munich.

You can visit the exhibition Christoph Niemann – Im Augen des Betrachters until the 5th of May 2019 (6 € regular/ 4 € reduced). Also, you can explore your creativity and send your drawings inspired by Niemann oeuvre to kontakt@literaturhaus-muenchen.de or post it on Instagram with the hashtag #imaugedesbetrachters.

More information at the Literaturhaus München.

*Header image: The exhibition at Literaturhaus.

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