Mittelpunkt Europa Filmfest

The Mittelpunkt Europa Filmfest explores the recent film productions of countries like Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic or Poland.

With a weird sense of humor, the politically incorrect film “Lajkó – Cigány az űrben Lajko | Gypsy in Space” by Balázs Lengyel opens the festival. The film “Špina | Filthy” offers a sensitive portrait of a psychiatric patient, “Atak Paniki | Panic Attack” tells the story of a big city’s dwellers… And we will have the opportunity to watch the award-winning debut of Kiev director Marina Stepanska, called “Стрімголов | Falling “, just to name a few of the films available during the nine nights of the festival.

The Mittelpunkt Europa will take place from the 28th of February to the 10th of March in different locations in Munich. More information in their website.

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