Top Concerts of April

The spring is almost here and we want to dance, laugh and enjoy the sunshine. Here you have our concert recommendations for the month of April:

  • Wednesday 3rd: Robyn (TonHalle). The Swedish artist will present her new album, Honey. Another great collection of danceable pop, perfect for the spring time.
  • Wednesday 3rd: Sharon Van Etten (Strom). The New York artist had mixed her facet as a folk songwriter with new and obscure sounds with influences of Suicide or Nick Cave in her last album, Remind me Tomorrow.
  • Saturday 6th: Egofm Fest (Muffatwerk). The radio station celebrates a festival full of good international and local music with bands like Temples, Say Yes Dog, Mavi Phoenix, Drangsal, The Nice Nice and more.
  • Monday 8th: Daughters (Backstage). Punk, urgency, and energy is what you are going to find if you see this band playing live.
  • Monday 8th: Tiny Ruins (Milla Club). Delicate pop songs from New Zealand.
  • Tuesday 9th: Kakkmaddafakka (Muffathalle). Danceable pop music from Norway with a spectacular and wild live show.
  • Wednesday 10th: Alphaville (Technikum). The legendary band is visiting Munich with their Forever young tour.
  • Wednesday 10th: Eagle-Eye Cherry (Strom). Exists life after Save Tonight, and Eagle-Eye Cherry will demonstrate it, presenting his last album: Streets of You.
  • Wednesday 10th: Soap & Skin (Muffathalle). Soap & Skin offers the perfect soundtrack for a Sunday morning. Subtle melodies and a voice out of this world.
  • Thursday 11th: Lali Puna (Strom). One of the protagonists of the indietronic wave and an important actor in the Munich music scene.
  • Friday 12th: The Comet is Coming (Strom). Sounds from outer space that will make you travel to another galaxy.
  • Friday 12th: The Picturebooks (Feierwerk). The blues-rock duo will present his first album: The Hands of Time.
  • Sunday 14th: Sugar Candy Mountain (Import Export). Psychedelic pop and tropicalia in another great concert organized by Behind the Green Door.
  • Monday 15th: Beirut (Zenith). The American band combines elements of folk, indie-rock, Balcanic, and world music. Their shows are always something special.
  • Monday 15th: Art Brut (Hansa 39/ Feierwerk). The indie-rock band is again on tour with his fifth album Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!
  • Tuesday 16th: Apparat (Kongresshalle). Ambient music to daydream.
  • Tuesday 16th: Julia Jacklin (Milla Club). Julia Jacklin came from Australia and makes indie country songs that break your heart. If you are a romantic person you are going to love it.
  • Wednesday 17th: Pom Poko (Unter Deck). Also known as the “K-Punk Explosion from Norway”.
  • Thursday 18th: Lambchop (Muffathalle). One of the most innovative bands of the US is visiting Munich.
  • Thursday 18th: Ilgen-Nur (Milla Club). Pop songs about being cool and other modern stories.
  • Wednesday 24th: Press Club (Strom). The indie-punk band will present their first album: Late Teens.
  • Wednesday 24th: Two Year Vacation (Ampere). Shiny songs that could be from a band in L.A. but instead are played by four Swedish guys.
  • Thursday 25th: Chelou (Feierwerk). Chelou is a French slang word to define somebody who is crazy and weird. Expect that and loads of lysergic songs.
  • Friday 26th: King Khan – Louder Than Dead (Folks! Club). This is a must, and there is no possible discussion. If you have ever been in a King Khan show you know what I mean.
  • Sunday 28th: Bonnie Tyler (Circus Krone). The legendary singer with the husky voice will play some of her most famous hits.
  • Monday 29th: Giant Rocks (Muffathalle). The show is sold out, but you can always try your luck at the door.
  • Monday 29th: Mono (Strom). The unique Japanese band will visit Munich after a while. Don’t miss it!

*Header image: Temples

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