Save Mixed Munich Arts

Mixed Munich Arts is a space where electronic music and Munich subculture have a home, but unfortunately seems that it won’t be last for so long. Their contract with the Stadtwerke München (SWM) has not been extended and herewith MMA has to close its doors on the 15.04.2019.

As they say in their Facebook page: “The municipality wants to begin with the planned demolition of the building and will therefore start the necessary preparations for this. If the City of Munich, as sole proprietor of the SWM, and mayor Dieter Reiter (the chairman of SWM’s board) do not stop this decision, Munich will lose this vital space forever.”

If you want to save this part of the cultural network in Munich you can spread the word and tell your friends, families and colleagues, use the hashtag #savemma with related information to inform about the problem in your network, get in contact with your political representatives and demand your right for a diverse city culture, and also sign the petition to save MMA.

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