Isca Greenield Sanders

Nowadays social networks can offer a costumbrist portrait of different contemporary lives across the globe. Sixty or seventy years ago, when neither Instagram nor Facebook existed, photographies and slides were the media to document the holidays. The amount of snapshot was limited to the reel and you didn’t know what to expect from that until the development of the film was done. Surprises like overexposure or fingers that shouldn’t be there came out.

Isca Greenfield Sanders plays with nostalgia and is inspired by anonymous pictures of American leisure culture from the last century in his paintings. In the exhibition Today and Everyday, his works of art are made in oil and watercolor and he uses pastel colors that transform the landscapes in something naïve, calm and dreamy. Returning to the analog in contrast with the digital world, opening a discussion about time, memory, cognitive standpoints, and the obsession to document everything.

You can visit the exhibition Today and Everyday at Galerie Klüser until May 18. More info in their website.

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