Manic Street Parade

A new edition of the festival Manic Street Parade is here! The Schlachthofviertel, the neighborhood where you can find an old ship in the middle of the city, will be the place where the festival will take place.

In this year’s edition, that will take place on 17 and 18 of May, you can make a tour between bars and clubs like Strom, Substanz, Schlachthof, St. Anton, Frisches Bier, Bahnwärter Thiel and the ship above mentioned, commonly known as Alte Utting.

One of the highlights of the festival are the duo Gurr, two girls from Berlin who know how to rock it. Their songs are a mix of garage-rock, punk and pop. Their shows are always funny and energic, the best soundtrack for a Saturday night.

The Cool Quest is a band from Holland and will bring some hip hop and funky sounds after the Gurr show. At the same time, the stimulating and sensual sounds of Cari Cari will fill the air of the Schlachthof. Other fantastic artists that will form part of the line-up of this year are Das Paradies, Tom Rosenthal, Jinka, Money for Rope, Neufundland, Butspecht, Imbis, Zulu, Telquist, and VVKO + Munich Allstars, a collaborative project with more than 20 musicians.

Of course, there will be space for the DJs like Moritz Butschek, Janus Rasmussen and Aparde. In addition, on Friday we will have the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the music industry in Munich and in Germany with a series of talks like Künstler*innen Mgmt 2.0 – Aufgaben, Herausforderung, Weiterdenken about artist management 2.0, or Meet the Festivals, about the organisation of a festival, its difficulties and other subjects related. Even a Tank Think about Gender Equality is being created on the occasion of the Manic Street Parade. We can’t wait!

Get your tickets here. More information about the festival in the Manic Street Parade webpage.

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