Open air locations to enjoy the summer to the fullest

Seems like the good weather is here to stay, so as usual when the sun shines and we can wear t-shirts and shorts, the city of Munich become a big open-air place full of possibilities. Markets, gardens, terraces and Biergartens emerge to say hello to the sun and enjoy the summertime with loads of activities, or just with the enjoyment of a cold beer or white wine with friends.

These are our favourite open-air locations with a program for everyone.


Like every year Kulturstrand is like an oasis in the middle of the Isar with a DJs program, music, theatre, etc. You can watch what is going on every day on their website.


This park near Sendlinger Tor opens its door every summer as a Biergarten with a festive flair. As well as Kulturstrand it offers parties, DJs, live music and a different event for every day of the week. Not to mention the food truck with delicious pulled pork burgers you can eat there.

Import Export Garten

As you may know, the Import Export is located on the creative quarter, a meeting point of music, art, performance, and creation in general. Every Saturday from 13h to 18h the garden of Import Export becomes a stage where concerts and DJ sessions with vinyl records take place. You can also play ping pong and try some of the cakes of Kuchentratsch, coffee or CoffeeCircle, housemade lemonade or delicacies from the grill.

Wanda Circus

As its name indicates, its circus atmosphere and its different tents are the best places when you want something quirky and different. As in the above mentioned open-air, here, you will find theatre, music, and other activities, including workshops for the little ones of the family. They have different kinds of food, some stands where you can buy jewelry or clothes, and more.

*Header picture: Nussbaumpark

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