Midsommar: Das Fest nach dem Fest

Let’s celebrate that we have still some summer to enjoy! An all-day & all-night party at the most underground ship of the city, the Bahwärter Tiel. Three different stages full of music and fun:

HALLE from 8 pm with:

Dieter Kasupke (Kommune Vertikal)
Jester (Schallvagabunden)
Elson (Schallvagabunden)
Sturm&Zimmer (Bushbash)
Kai Heizer (Techno ist Familiensache)
Otto Under (Techno ist Familiensache)

WAGON from 2 pm Chillout, from 8 pm DnB, with:

La Lokaii (m94,5 Breakbeat Action)
Kit Curse (Break it Down)
Bunlaer (Time Tripping)
Rather (Time Tripping)
Polaster (Time Tripping)
Tyra (Time Tripping)
KamiKatze (Time Tripping)
MC Teasy (Deep Contact)

LIVE AT THE EXTERIOR from 6 pm with:

Freemind Monaco, feat.
John Dash


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