Sensefactory installation Muffatwerk

Sensefactory is a multi-sensory journey born from the idea of creating a kind of sensorial theater in the Bauhaus that László Moholy-Nagy had in 1920. Almost 100 years later, a collective of international artists from different artistic disciplines like architecture, design, or programming, come together in a performative installation that combines sound, smell, light, and Artificial Intelligence.

The relationship between machines and humans was present in the Bauhaus designs, and so it is nowadays, with the rise of social media and bots that monitor our presence in Internet. The exhibition Sensefactory explores this concept in a room-installation of 25 x 13 x 5 meters. Munich will be the first city of showing this special installation with artists like Erik Adigard, Sofian Audry, FM Unit, Dietmar Lupfer, Chris Salter, Alex Sweder and Sissel Tolaas.

The visit hours for the exhibition are:

Wednesday, 04.09. until Friday 06.09. from 8 pm to 11 pm
Saturday, 07.09. from 3 to 11 pm
Sunday, 08.09. from 11 am to 6 pm

Another side events taking place are:

  • From Wednesday 04.09 to Sunday 08.09: Das Totale Tanz Theater. A virtual reality experience with Richard Siegal’s choreography. Admission free.
  • Friday 06.09 at 10 pm: Kate Simko – clubbing. Electronic and techno music for Friday night. Admission free
  • Saturday 07.09 at 3 pm: Symposium – From Bauhaus to Sensefactory. Symposium with international experts from the fields of art, art history and architecture: Oliver Botar (CAN), Gloria Sutton (USA), Alfredo Brillembourg / Urban-Think Tank (VEN / CHE), Chris Salter (CAN), Dietmar Lupfer (D) and others. Admission free.

*Header image: Alex Schweder


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