Vinokilo market for vintage lovers

The most exciting event about vintage clothing is taking place this Saturday at Kunst Block Balve. We are talking about Vinokilo, an itinerant market that covers every year the main cities of Germany and also other cities in Europe like Oslo, Stockholm or Salzburg among others, offering a big selection of vintage treasures from the 80s, 90s, 70s, 60s and more.

The new season at Kunst Block Balve coincides with the celebration of this market, so after shopping and giving a new home to your second-hand treasures, you can visit the Finissage of the Moritz Walser’s exhibition Mobile in Mobilis. And from 9 pm, when the day is over and the night comes, you will be able to enjoy the live music show of Sailor & I. See you there!

*Header image: Vinokilo. 


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