Music for free: Frameless – Tashi Wada Group, Miho Hatori, Olli Aarni

Miho Hatori by Kimisa H Frameless Munich

A new edition of Frameless is here and we can’t be happier. The Frameless project is always bringing bands that otherwise we will not be able to see in Munich. This time, they will host the performances of Tashi Wada Group, Miho Hatori and Olli Aarni.

Los Angeles based composer Tashi Wada presents his new ensemble, a kind of supergroup with members like Julia Holter and Corey Fogel.

Miho Hatori, known as her alter ego Noodles, the guitarrist of Damon Albarn’s band Gorillaz, is now touring as solo musician. With an experimental set of vocals, hip-hop beats and electronics, the native Japanese woman, who is a regular in the New York music scene, has already worked with legends such as The Beastie Boys.

The Finnish experimental musician Olli Aarni is a self-taught artists that works with a variety of techniques such as collage, feedback, sound synthesis and field recording to produce music based on dense tones. Be ready for something different to your ears!

*Header image: Miho Hatori by Kimisa H.


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