Guerrilla Girls: The Art of Behaving Badly

The feminist collectives raise their voices to say what is wrong in our patriarchal society. What we should fight for. What we should learn. In which values we should educate the generations of the future. We are evolving slowly to a world where diversity and all the voices are being heard. That’s a new old revolution that started back when the suffragists asked for their right to vote, the right to being treated equally.

Guerrilla Girls is a collective of activists that started their own revolution in the 80s in New York through art performances wearing a gorilla mask to not being identified. Their acts have always claimed the paper of the woman in the political, social, artistic and pop culture spheres, exposing what was wrong about how the feminin role was shown in each of these areas.

As the artist Miriam Cahn, whose exhibition “Miriam Cahn. I as Human” is shown at the Haus der Kunst, they always fight for a right and inclusive perception of women’s paper in society. On the occasion of this exhibition, Käthe Kollwitz, one of the Guerrilla Girls founders will give a lecture and performance at the museum.

*Please note that you should make a reservation to the lecture if you want to assure your spot.

**Header image: Wealth & Power. 2016. Copyright Guerrilla Girls


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