Bergamotte Pop Up Jungle: Find the plant of your dreams!

Plants give your home a cozy flair, and they are so good to clean the air. So why not make your home a jungle? Giving some green to the corners of your shelter will transform your home on a permanent holidays place, like if you were in a paradise. And, if you are good to your plants, they will last more than your last Tinder date. All advantages!

The Bergamotte Pop Up Jungle is taking place this Friday 27 of September and will be open until the 5th of October, offering a big selection of plants with prices that range from 4 to 35€. An urban paradise with more than 4000 plants including exotic species like monsteras, palm trees, cactus like aloe vera or even vines. You will also find terracotta pots, baskets, and other accessories. Let your house be green!

*Please note that you can only pay by card, they don’t accept cash. On 29 September and 3 October, they will not open. As they care about the environment they won’t provide any bag, so please bring your own.

*Header image: Bergamotte Pop Up


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