Feminism, music and friendship: This is Chastity Belt

Don’t take wrong their name. Chastity Belt is not a puritan band, quite the contrary. Julia Shapiro (lead vocalist and guitarist),  Lydia Lund (guitarist), Annie Truscott (bassist) and Gretchen Grimm (drummer) make noisy pop and question the feminine stereotypes with their music.

After three albums with names like No regrets or Time to Go Home, and a long pause, they have decided to name their last album simply Chastity Belt. They don’t need more. This last album is about women friendship, relationships, and endings. Although their influences like Sleater-Kinney and other riot girls, their last album is much more introspective and quiet, but with the same feminist essence as always. The perfect soundtrack for the last Sunday of September.

The British band Gang will be warming up the Kranhalle at Feierwerk with their punk-rock music before Chastity Belt play. For less than 20 € you have 2 great concerts. That’s what we call a plan!

We are giving away a double ticket through Facebook and Instagram. If you are not in social media, don’t panic, you can also participate signing up to our newsletter. You have time until the same Sunday at 12 pm. Good luck!

*Header image: Chasity Belt. Picture courtesy of Konzertbüro Schoneberg.


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