Documentary: Don’t Blink – Robert Frank

The photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank (1924 – 2019) emigrated to the USA as a German-Swiss Jew in 1947 and has strongly influenced American pop culture with his works.

The documentary Don’t Blink is about his life as an artist in New York portraying all the boheme of the 60s and 70s. It includes interviews with him, archive material and has been awarded at the Berlinale or the New York Film Festival.


The film will be screened together with the short film PULL ME DAISY (1959), “one of the funniest, wildest films of all time, 30 hours of improvised material, cut down to 30 minutes, to which Kerouac improvised a text from the off.” Early morning in the universe … “.

*Header image: Robert Frank. Picture that appears in the book Robert Frank in America by Peter Galassi. 


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