Exhibition: Horror Vacui

Horror Vacui Exhibition Munich

According to the philosopher Aristotle, “horror vacui” refers to the “fear of emptiness”. However, in terms of art history, the expression “horror vacui” describes an exuberant artistic work, present mainly in the works of art from the Baroque and Rococo periods.

But how do we perceive emptiness? The artist Ivan Paskalev had developed a multimedia installation with the paradoxical intention of answering this philosophical question and visualizing this non-visible space. The glazed foyer of the Referats für Arbeit und Wirtschaft (department for work and business) serves him not only as an exhibition space but also as a place that acts at an interface between concealment and transparency.

*The exhibition will be open until the 28th of November. Header picture by Ivan Paskalev. More information on the Platform website

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