Zimmer Frei 2019

A new edition of Zimmer Frei is here. The iconic hotel Mariandl open its doors to present the works of different artists in its rooms. Every room is decorated by an emerging artist with a unique message and interpretation of the space.

The artists of this edition are:

Hyojoo Jang (Zimmer 10) . Patrik Tircher (Zimmer 11) . Phlipp Lier (Zimmer 12) . Katarina Sopcic und Klaudia Kolaric (Zimmer 13) . Esther Zahel (Zimmer 14) . Ivan Baschang (Zimmer 15) . Jie Li (Zimmer 20) . Kazuyo Yabuuchi (Zimmer 21) . Judith Neunhäuserer (Zimmer 22) . Mehmet & Kazim Akal (Zimmer 23) . Nataliya Borushchak (Zimmer 24) . Cordula Schieri (Zimmer 25)

The entry is free* and the opening times are from 12 to 10 pm from the 16th to the 20th of October. The opening will take place on Tuesday 15th at 7 pm. 

*That doesn’t apply to der  Langen Nacht der Münchner Museen.

**Header picture: Leporello – Zimmer 10 und 11 von Hyojoo Jang und Patrick Tircher


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