The Thurston Moore Group

As you may know, Thurston Moore was the half of Sonic Youth, one of the most relevant experimental and noise-rock bands of the 90s and all times. Their influence in other bands is something undeniable, even Nirvana was inspired by them.

After the break up with Kim Gordon and the subsequent split of the band, Thurston Moore released albums like The Best Day, acclaimed by the critics and the public. Since then, he is touring with the Thurston Moore Group formed by Nought’s James Sedwards (guitar), My Bloody Valentine’s Deb Googe (bass) and Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley (drums). Songs like Speak to the wild, Smoke of Dreams, or Turn On are anthems in the indie scene. For sure, their concert in Munich will be something special and unmissable for experimental rock lovers and 90s nostalgics. It will be an authentic luxury to see them in a small place like Strom. A must!

*Header picture by Vera Marmelo


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