Vernissage: Ein Augenblick

The artists Camilla Gerber, Elisabeth Mayer, and Anne Wellenreich form part of the exhibition “Ein Augenblick” about stereotypes imposed by society like gender,  religion, class and other clichés.

Camila Gerber deals with the idea of feminity and the fact of being a woman in these drawings, paintings, and photographies. Anne Wellenreich uses different materials and techniques to visualize the meaning of property. For her part, Elisabeth Mayer puts the visitor in an active role, inviting her/him to be part of a virtual world and experience the power of the stereotype themselves.

The exhibition will be available to visit until the 24th of November. There are some side events taking place:

Guided tour with the artists:
Sunday, 03.11.2019, 12 pm.
Sunday, 17.11.2019, 12 pm.

Workshop: Construction of a small screen and experimental design methods
(The workshop is in German. This only take place, if there are enough registrations, 5 € material fee)
Sunday, 10.11.2019, 1pm

Workshop: TILT BRUSH: Painting in Virtual Reality (in German)
Sunday, 17.11.2019, 1pm

Registration, inquiries and information at:


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