Spielart – New Frequencies

The third week of Spielart is dedicated to the new international voices of the theater. These emerging theater pieces form part of New Frequencies, a little festival inside Spielart.

A weekend (from Friday 8th of November to Saturday 9th) full of young promises and surprising performances that you can visit for free or for the cost of one beer or two.

These are some of the highlights:

  • Body of Knowledge (Gasteig Black Box). 5 to 7€. This performance invites visitors to talk with teenagers about sex, grief, consent, pain and other topics. Friday 8 of November at 9 pm, Saturday 9 at 3 pm and 6.30 pm.
  • Laguna Beach. (Muffatwerk). 5 to 7€. A fake band of puppets supplant the identity of the real musicians. Saturday 9 of November at 9 pm.
  • What happened to me (HochX). 3 €. The Spanish artist Clara García Fraile shows us a film-performance about her kidnapping on Amsterdam, a story told by her friends, family, and other people.

These and other interesting theater pieces can be seen this weekend at different locations in Munich. More information about New Frequencies on their website.

*Header picture: Body of Knowledge

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