Tacos and drinks at Don’t Call Mama

That’s what we call a plan! Tacos and cocktails are a perfect combination. Especially if both are delicious and incredibly tasty. Don’t Call Mama is a bar in Maxvordstadt that offers this awesome combo for the nights of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The best plan to cope with the rest of the week with a smile on your face.

Vados Tacos are the people behind these Mexican flavors. You can eat superb tacos of Tinga de Pollo, Mole Poblano, Frijoles or Sweet Potato; and as starters Elote, a corn stick, or of course, nachos. The tortillas are homemade and gluten-free and trust us, they are mouthwatering. The prices are almost like being in Mexico (considering how expensive a city like Munich is) and the place is usually not so crowded if you go early, so it’s all benefits. They have classic cocktails like Negroni and Gin Tonic, but you can also try some other things like the basil gin tonic, or if you are not so much into cocktails you can also enjoy a Corona, a Giesing beer or some wine. They have happy hour during the week, so you can get a fancy cocktail for just 5,50 or 6,50. Andele! That’s a taco night!

Pictures: Don’t Call Mama

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