The Munich Museums go online

Art could be enjoyed at home. From artists’ talks to virtual tours, museums from all over the world, (as we showed in this post) have gone online. Some Munich Museums like Haus der Kunst or Lenbachhaus have done the same.

  • Haus der Kunst: They offer a blog and a YouTube channel with interesting cultural and artistic content and they have thrown a contest through Instagram with the hashtag #interiorities. Here you can see all its resources.
  • Lenbachhaus: Through its YouTube channel you can know more about artists like Sheela Gowda or Franz Marcs, watch the making off of some exhibitions and learn more about some of the permanent exhibition’s works of art.
  • Pinakotheken: All the Munich Pinakotheken are offering their catalog online. There are some works of art missing, as they probably are still working on the digitalization, but you can still watch some of their most famous paintings.

*Header picture: Innenleben at Haus der Kunst. Njideka Akunyili Crosby painting.

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