Keep Your Ticket and other movements to support live music

Kulturretter and Keep Your Ticket movements in Munich

2020 is not going to be remembered as a good year for live music and for life in general as well. We know that we are going through difficult times, but there are some good things about it (or at least we hope we have learned something from all of this situation).

For musicians, sound technicians, promoters, labels, etc. this crisis had hit them up harder than other industries, but we can still support them a little to make music sound even louder when all of this ends.

The movement #behaltedeinticket (or #keepyourticket) in social media aims people to keep the tickets they bought for concerts this year, allowing the music industry’s workers and musicians not going fully bankrupt. This doesn’t mean you are going to lose your money, just that you need to be patient. Think about it as an investment in happiness. The day we will be able to go to concerts again you will enjoy it even more. And we will dance together to celebrate it.

Other local initiatives:

  • Strom: The people from the small club Strom have organized a fictional festival called Soli-Fest to collect some money and tick over. You can buy tickets for this festival through München Ticket and you have different categories from 10 €. With this ticket, you will be able to go again to Strom once it’s allowed and they will offer you something that is worth the price you pay (maybe beers, long drinks, a ticket for a concert or something like that). More information about Soli-Fest.
  • Kulturretter: This initiative wants to help local bars, clubs, theaters, artists, technicians, and more. You can collaborate making a donation or buying any of their merchandise. More information about Kulturretter.

Other ways to collaborate with some clubs that can open now their terraces is going to their Biergartens instead of the most common ones. Places like Muffatwerk or Blitz Club have great outdoor bars where you can enjoy good music, food, and drinks when the weather is nice. If you miss partying, they are also offering streamings of concerts and DJ sessions to enjoy from home. Support your locals!

*Header image: Pixabay.

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