Update: Milla Club turns Milla Biergarten

Edit: From now on (August) Milla Club will turn into Milla Biergarten, with some tables outside the club and the same philosophy as Milla Kiosk. They will offer beer, snacks, t-shirts and more!

Always from Thursday to Saturday from 6 to 10 pm. Support your locals!

This Friday 19 of June, from 3 pm to 9 pm Milla Club will open Milla Kiosk in front of the club at Holzstr. 28! They will have snacks, ice cream, beer, Spezi, postcards, and the beautifully designed Milla T-shirts! A great opportunity to support this small and iconic club in Munich and spend a nice afternoon at the same time.

For those interested in the story of this subterranean club, we have to travel back in time, specifically to 1761, when Milla Kiosk, the oldest kiosk in the history of Bavaria, opened its doors. Before that, the location was the transshipment point for Isar driftwood (hence the name of Holzstraße). The woodworkers were also selling beer at the door to make a living and they had customers for decades until the wood business went down. Mrs. Kastelic from Ljubljana owned the place years later, offering spirits, beer, and food.

The business has always found its way out after some historical events and interruptions, and so they will recover after these strange times, “with the little help of their friends”. So let’s dance, celebrate and drink with them for many nights of fun!

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