5 Lakes in Munich you should visit

We are experiencing really hot days in Munich. If you live in an attic or you don’t have air conditioning, maybe these days are a nightmare for you, but you can always cope with the heat going to a lake or refreshing your feet at the Isar. If you like to swim, we recommend you 5 lakes you can find in Munich and you can easily reach by bike depending on where you live.


Super quiet lake located at the north-east of Munich. Here you can also make a bbq and it has also a low shore. If you like to be naked and integrated with nature, it has also an area for nudism. When you reach there is like in the middle of nowhere, but don’t panic, it has a Biergarten to refresh yourself and eat some Bavarian specialties if you are hungry.

*Header image of this article: Feringasee



This is an artificial lake, but it doesn’t matter because its crystalline water will make you feel like if you were in a sandy nice beach. It has grill zone, volleyball court, kiosk and it’s perfect for small kids due to its low shore.

*Picture by Michael Nießendorfer



This lake is not exactly in Munich, it’s in Karlsfeld, but still near Munich’s metropolitan area. A natural paradise where you can fish, relax and enjoy nature at it’s best.

*Picture from Karlsfeld webpage.



This artificial lake is one of the cleanest lakes of Munich. You will believe you are in a real beach or at least you can pretend it, thanks to its sand area and beach bar. It has also a playground for the little ones of the family and the temperature of the water is around 22 degrees in August.

*Picture: Katy Spichal


Lerchenauer see

This lake is located near some skyscrapers which give it an urban flair to the landscape. You have supermarkets nearby in case you need more beer or food, and it has a grill zone too. As usual in Bavaria, you can find a Biergarten too. Maybe the easiest lake to reach if you don’t own a bike or a car and you want to go on public transportation.

*Picture by Katy Spichal




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